Designing Efficiency

As a trusted research and design partner, LiquidHub works with a global pharmaceutical company on an on-going basis to increase efficiency in both internal and external processes, by researching the needs of users and the impact technology has on these users. For this specific project, LiquidHub was engaged to help improve their online orders and the access to information

LiquidHub helped to design the right process and system to meet future formulator demands. We created a better way for customers to place orders and access information online.

LiquidHub assisted the client to improve their process coupled with research and design. We designed a digital environment for collaboration and efficient work. We also harmonized the global labeling process for pharmaceutical and consumer products.

Web Redesign

Creating compelling product content and infographic visualizations.

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Consumer Research Partner

Validating experiences through human-centered research and testing.

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Mobile Wallet

Changing the way products are bought and sold using a Mobile Payments System.

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Hank Summy ( Partner )

Hank Summy has helped his client partners grow and transform their businesses over the past 25 years. As an expert in digital transformation, he can help you find new ways to engage the people that matter the most to you. 

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