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A leading rehabilitation center was aiming to transform the treatment of addiction through accurate patient tracking, better engagement throughout their program, and increased transparency for their loved ones – family and friends.

LiquidHub performed detailed interviews with patients and loved ones that uncovered the lack of communication between loved ones and patients during the treatment. This hindered the patient's ability to recover, and instead caused depression and seclusion issues.

LiquidHub proposed a patient application that connects patients to their loved ones and allowed them to track the patient’s progress. The application was a fully functional MVP in 6 weeks, allowing us to gather insights around adoption, features, and usability.

LiquidHub delivered the final Patient Portal which integrates with Netsmart (EMR) and SharePoint to provide real-time access. We helped the Patients to:

  • Manage schedules via dynamic calendar
  • Manage the Mood Meter, Days Sober, and Tasks
  • Collaborating with the care staff and other patients
  • View medications, treatment plans, programs, problems, goals, objectives, and interventions
  • Download program related education material and submit worksheets
  • Keep in touch with the rehabilitation center once discharged

The future-state Patient Portal app will:

  • Provide high-value and real-time visibility into the Patient’s care and journey as they progressed through their recovery
  • Include enhanced features like Video Journaling, Build-Your-Own-Recovery, Concierge Desk, Alumni Workshops, and Self-registration
  • Enable users to add loved ones and other Patients to their support circle

The solution will allow the client to have a competitive edge over the competitors while delivering care with improved, genuine, and measurable outcomes. Additionally, the solution will also help to reduce relapses, while providing a community for the Patients as they leave the program and become an Alumni.

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