Sales Cloud

A private equity firm required an easy to use CRM. They wanted to implement organizational transparency and call tracking.

LiquidHub implemented user-friendly screens, search capabilities, and navigation with the platform. We helped to deploy a Relationship Builder that allowed users to quickly create relationships between multiple companies and contacts. Additionally, a Call Sheet which allows users to quickly log calls and meetings from a single screen while viewing lists of companies and pipeline deals was enabled. We also automated emails to ensure that relevant team members were notified of important calls.

LiquidHub helped to implement high user adoption, improved collaboration, and customer focus. Following the implementation of our solution, the client was able to manage complex networks of relationships between portfolio companies, partners, board memberships, and advisor relationships. We facilitated users to log company, contact, and call details from a single screen following initial calls or meetings to ensure that all calls were captured. The solution also helped with enabling minimal data points until the client progressed to later stages of engagement.

Web Redesign

Creating compelling product content and infographic visualizations.

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Consumer Research Partner

Validating experiences through human-centered research and testing.

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Mobile Wallet

Changing the way products are bought and sold using a Mobile Payments System.

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Hank Summy ( Partner )

Hank Summy has helped his client partners grow and transform their businesses over the past 25 years. As an expert in digital transformation, he can help you find new ways to engage the people that matter the most to you. 

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