Transforming Legacy Systems

A leading Healthcare company required an augmented approach that would help to replace the two legacy systems that were in use. The client was also looking to enable seamless collaboration with the easy availability of information.

Our solution aimed to provide a future-state workflow which identified 27 updates to improve overall customer experience. The focus was also on providing increased availability of information with reduced number of screens. LiquidHub also aimed to provide a streamlined business process that would create a faster, better, and efficient system.

LiquidHub developed a solution that exhibited a 30% improvement in ease of use. The total amount of annual savings recorded was 10k per employee. Our solution helped to save more than 2 hours per employee per day.

Salesforce for an Insurance Company

Enhancing the sales approach through Salesforce optimization.

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Mobile Member Engagement

A leading Healthcare company required a mobile plan branded application for both Apple and Android stores.

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Direct and Mobile Marking In A Regulated Consumer Industry

Scaling and streamlining complex marketing campaigns, faster and at a greater scale.

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