Visualize the opportunities!

Customers expect their experience with your brand to be easy, valuable, personalized, and seamless across channels. And, there are many different tools and methods that allow you to gain a view into their journeys. However, companies need a comprehensive, highly visual way to look across all customer touchpoints with your brand in combination with your employee’s journey, your business processes, technologies, and architecture. By mapping their journeys with these other elements, an Engagement Blueprint (versus a customer journey map) helps you better understand pain points and opportunities across all touchpoints and turn customers into brand advocates.

During this webinar, CX experts from LiquidHub discuss how to gain a detailed view into the customer experience. Through the Engagement Blueprinting:

  • Align stakeholders from key functions across a journey’s key moments of need
  • Identify data redundancies and sources of records in order to build and design more effective systems of engagement
  • See a holistic view of your customer across all touchpoints
  • Diagnosis root causes of problems across the journey and identify non-obvious relationships among people, processes, and technology
  • Increase visibility in order to enable smarter decisions

Managing Director at Liquidhub


Partner, LiquidHub


Partner, LiquidHub