APIs make it possible for Developers to connect experiences with apps we use everyday to unlock the full value of our data and our assets.

Our integration strategy enables businesses to securely expose backend systems and manage the entire API lifecycle. Our partnership with Apigee helps us to effectively build, protect, manage, scale, analyze and connect apps with APIs.



LiquidHub is an Apigee partner with a Digital Integration center of excellence of over 800 architects, designers, developers and testers.


How can I build a modern data and integration platform for my business needs, and which technologies should I implement or evaluate?
LiquidHub provides data & integration strategy and advisory services across the entire information value chain to ensure your program is successful.

Services include:

  • Business use cases and success criteria definition
  • Systems and technologies assessment
  • Roadmap creation
  • Solution architecture consulting
  • Business value metrics

mrw-data-processing-icon.pngData and Integration Platform

What are the best practices for managing large data volumes, diverse sources, data quality, availability, scalability and governance issues? 
LiquidHub transforms your data into a high quality, trusted corporate asset.

Services include:

  • Digital architecture and transformation
  • Integration and Cloud Platform
  • API Governance
  • Micro Services
  • Data Lakes

mrw-dashboard-icon.pngMonetization & Analytics

How can I generate the right insights and activate my data to make informed decisions? What steps should I take to inject advanced analytics power into my teams?

LiquidHub infuses your team experience with deeper insights from Apigee to transform information into innovation.

Services include:

  • Apigee Platform Blueprinting and installation
  • Migration to Apigee API Management Platform
  • Accelerated API on-boarding
  • Custom visualizations and advance


Do you have a new product idea you want to develop? Are you looking for a partner who can build robust solutions?

LiquidHub has built solutions in Apigee which you can leverage or you can choose us as your trusted partner to bring your ideas to life.

Services include:

  • API architecture, design and development
  • Data Integration Platform architecture , design, development and implementation
  • Product development and deployment strategy
  • Optimization of existing integration and services ( SOAP & REST)
  • Hybrid Digital Integration Clouds

Our Work

Case Study

Client is a is a not-for-profit, health service corporation based in New Jersey, best known for our managed care and traditional indemnity plans for individuals and employers.


  • The Client’s business needs were evolving and transforming at a pace that was not supported by the current process and technology
  • The project entailed implementation of digital integration strategy using AWS, Apigee , ClearDATA in a 6 month timeframe


  • Enabled a API based integration economy via a digital Integration platform
  • Created a robust foundation for building micro services using 12 Factor Applications via development accelerators
  • Enabled continuous integration and delivery capabilities using enterprise stand conventions
  • Integrated and automated complex multi-system build and deploy activities
  • Built and secured AWS cloud with auto scaling, High Availability, and Disaster Recovery
  • Implemented Developer Portal and API Gateway for API discovery and access
  • Secured all layers of integration platform
  • Built platform analytics for API monetization


  • Project Teams focus on building capabilities that add business value vs foundation.
  • Development teams operating with higher velocities reducing End to End project time
  • End-End project time reduced
  • Upfront cost of projects has decreased allowing for more innovation and strategic initiatives
  • Shorter onboarding time for clients and partners. This increased topline revenue and margin


Rahul Sahgal ( Partner )

Rahul Sahgal leads the Global Data and Analytics Practice. As a recognized industry expert with over 25 years’ experience, Rahul helps clients collect, manage, and analyze their internal as well as external data to make insight-driven decisions to gain a competitive edge.

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